mediBall Max Black

mediBall Max Black

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  • Burst resistant to 750kg
  • Test Inflated for Your Safety
  • Professional Grade Quality
  • Made in Australia from Non Toxic Plastic - No Phthalates, Latex or BPA
  • Long Lasting
  • Includes 1 Fitball Plug and 1 Fitball Inflation Adaptor
AOK’s research and development department has surpassed the mediBall Pro technology to introduce the mediBall Max. With a load rating of 750kg and independent testing conducted by the University of Newcastle, the AOK mediBall Max is reputed to be the strongest and safest Swiss ball in the world! The mediBall Max features a non-slip surface designed to reduce slipping, making it even safer. Its durability and strength suit a high use environment (gym) and for use with weights.

Size Guide

What is the difference between the mediBall Max and the mediBall Pro?

The MaxBall has been designed for maximum durability and strength to suit a high use environment (gym) and for use with weights. The MaxBall is able to withstand a higher load and also features a non-slip surface.

Why would I need a ball with 750kg burst resistance?

The MaxBall is designed specifically for use in conjunction with weights. The impact loading (dynamic weight) of both your body and the weights you are using on the MaxBall requires the ball to be able to safely hold up to 2 and a half times the static weight. That is, if you weigh 80kg and you are using a set of 10kg dumbbells, your dynamic weight could easily be 250kg!

What do the dimples/bumps do?

The dimpled surface of the MaxBall is what reduces the slipperiness of the ball. If you are using weights on the MaxBall, you want to know that the ball won’t slip from under you. This surface helps to reduce the risk of slipping, making it even safer.