Why is anti burst important?

Burst resistance is critical! Burst resistance refers to the ball’s ability to deflate slowly, rather than bursting abruptly when punctured. Swiss balls are not indestructible and the mediBall Pro will take about 30 seconds to deflate if punctured. This gives the user time to stabilise and regain their balance, greatly reducing risk of injury.

I don’t weigh 500kg, why would I need the ball to be burst resistant to 500kg?

When sitting or exercising on a swiss ball, the impact of your weight is far greater than your static body weight. This is called impact loading. The impact load can easily be 2 and a half times your body weight. So for an 80kg person the impact load could easily exceed 200kg. If you’re doing weighted exercises on a fitball, check out the MaxBall which has a dynamic load of 750kg.

What is the point of the stripes/bands? Is it just for appearance?

The stripes or panels of the mediBall Pro are designed to withstand deformation when the mediBall is placed under load. That is to say, that the mediBall Pro has been engineered to retain its shape, not to go egg-shaped like inferior balls. The smaller the base of support (how much is touching the ground), the more effective the ball is at teaching the body to stabilise. If the ball becomes deformed or goes egg-shaped, it is less effective than a ball that maintains its roundness.